About F.L. Costello & Co.

F.L.Costello & Co. was established in 1955 by Frank Leonard Costello with the company continuing into the present day servicing and supplying laundry equipment throughout NSW, WA and the ACT.

F.L.Costello & Co. (Sydney) and C2C Laundry are both subsidiary businesses of F.L.Costello & Co.

F.L.Costello & Co. has established its reputation as the one-stop commercial laundry solutions provider for all sales and service requirements and is renowned for a commitment to customer satisfaction through after sales service. F.L.Costello & Co. are laundry industry experts and can provide a complete service from laundry design, implementation, through to machine service and repair. Laundry equipment is all we do.

F.L.Costello & Co. has experience in servicing many industries requiring premium quality laundry equipment, including the mining industry, laundromats, government agencies, the armed services, hotels, hospitals, child care centres, nursing homes, vet clinics, motels, caravan parks and hairdressing salons. Customers vary from single machine operators to the largest of international conglomerates, all demanding the highest levels of reliability and efficiency.

F.L.Costello & Co. is a market leader, dedicated to providing the largest range and highest quality laundry equipment and service.