Commercial Laundry Equipment

F.L.Costello & Co. provides the largest range of commercial laundry equipment, catering for laundry requirements of differing capacities and volumes, across an array of industries. Please browse our extensive range where you can download detailed product specifications and dimensions.

If you need help or advice about which machine would best suit your requirements, please get in contact with us and one of our customer representatives
will gladly contact you to discuss your preferred model or to arrange for one of our team to visit your business.

Mining specification equipment

Robust and durable washers and driers specifically designed for high capacity, high volume, multi-operator applications in the harsh conditions associated with the mining industry. These dependable and built to last models are also ideal for other highly demanding industries where machine durability is key to maximising equipment life expectancy.

Coin operated equipment

Good looking equipment, focusing on energy and water efficiency, designed for high volume, revenue generating applications where security is critical. These machines are ideal for laundromats, motels, caravan parks, apartment buildings and other businesses demanding maximum return on their laundry equipment investment.

Home style control equipment

Fast, efficient equipment that is user friendly giving customers the competitive edge. With controls resembling a domestic washing machine and clothes dryer, this affordable equipment is built to the highest of commercial standards to last longer. The equipment sports a familiar manual, home style control panel and is ideal for industries requiring sturdy and durable, quality machinery which is likely to be used by
those familiar with the domestic models. Ideal for aged and child care centres, vets, hair dressing salons and restaurants.

On-premise laundry equipment

We can offer a full range of laundry equipment to suit your individual business requirements and budget. Whether you need a single item
or commercial quantities, low volume or high capacity, if you are a small operator or the largest of international conglomerates, we can provide equipment to match your business needs. Regular customers include
the hospitality, government, armed forces and healthcare industries.