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Touch Control 9kg Gas Dryer

Compact Commercial

  • 9kg Supa Fast Gas Dryer (LP or Natural Gas)

  • 35-40min dry time* (load dependant)

  • Digital display with cycle countdown timing for effective time planning

  • 10amp power required

  • Suited for all small-med commercial laundry applications - No 1 seller

  • Robust contruction, 198lt drum, full metal cabinet




LDEE7R - Touch Control 9kg Electric Dryer
LDG3TR - Traditional Dial 9kg Gas Dryer
LWNE52 - Touch Control 8kg Top Load Washer

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Absolute workhorse, 
This Speed Queen washing machine can handle anything I throw at it. Greasy, muddy work clothes are no issue. A full set of sheets/doona cover all in one load without throwing a hissy fit. I can smash through the washing in no time at all!

Speed Queen, Happy King....After researching the internet it became obvious that the Speed Queen was head and shoulders above all others. Solid construction, quiet, and super fast, you won’t be waiting all day to do multiple washes. A great product that you won’t regret, from the machine through to the Speed Queen team delivery and installation, you won’t regret this purchase."

Absolutely frigging amazing product. Couldn't live without it"

All our planning for your laundry space is absolutely free. Whether you're confident or uncertain about your commercial laundry equipment requirements, give us a call. 

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