Rent or Finance for Commercial Laundry Equipment

F.L.Costello & Co. can offer various rental and financing options to our customers, tailored to the specific needs of the facility or organisation. With fixed pricing allowing for accurate budget forecasting, and revenue share agreements reducing initial capital costs and assisting with cash flow maintenance, there are many options to suit individual business needs. This coupled with the cost efficiencies gained from only our skilled technicians completing all repairs while maintaining guaranteed equipment availability under maintenance agreements, there is a cost effective solution for all installations.

We offer standard rental options on all of our equipment comprising fixed monthly payments which include all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, no
matter how large or small your equipment requirements are. Alternatively we can work with you to design a bespoke rental package that suits your business
and circumstances, whether it is a shorter or longer rental term or a hire purchase agreement incorporating a buy out payment on completion of the term.

We already have a substantial client base renting or financing our equipment. If the initial capital outlay is stopping your business from investing in quality equipment which will ultimately bring efficiency and cost savings, get in contact or email our New South Wales (or ACT) office on or our Western Australian office on providing contact details
and an outline of your requirements. We will happily discuss a rental or financing option to suit you.