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F.L. Costello & Co. | Speed Queen Laundry Equipment Distrbutor in Australia

Welcome to F.L. Costello & Co, the exclusive Speed Queen & Unimac distributor for NSW, WA, SA, NT & QLD*

Australia's Proven Performer in Laundry Since 1955

Australian Speed Queen Distributor
Australian UniMac Distributor


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Compact Commercial

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Sustainable Commercial Laundry Equipment in Australia

We understand Mining from the Ground Up

Mining is a demanding 24/7 environment. Covering operations, strenuous workloads and stringent health and safety environments. Often in remote locations, key supplier partnership is needed to provide not only the equipment, but the right equipment geared to assist and perform in this environment. F.L Costello & Co has stood side-by-side with mining companies since 1955. Our robust Speed Queen commercial laundry equipment has stood the test of red dust and long hours in the sun, with surroundings as tough as nails, you want your commercial laundry partner to have a few notches on its belt. With the largest test lab in the world, Speed Queen equipment goes through vigorous testing and has a reputation of standing up in the toughest environments. We have gone as far as to have commercial laundry equipment that has been specifically upgraded for mining environments by adding machine longevity features to our mining-ready commercial washing machines. In addition, our F.L Costello & Co team includes fully qualified and inducted electricians who conduct regular on-site training for your staff. This ensures that your site personnel are well-equipped to handle maintenance tasks effectively.  Involving F.L Costello & Co goes beyond laundry equipment procurement; it involves establishing a partnership that understands the dynamic nature of the mining sector. We are not just shipping gear. Our expertise extends beyond products, encompassing comprehensive support, maintenance and technical assistance. With offices across major mining hubs in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane & Adelaide while reaching deep into the NT, we are poised to provide responsive solutions exactly when and where you need them. Uncertain about the mix of laundry equipment for your upcoming mining camp? Whether it's for transportable demountable laundries or more enduring structures, our extensive portfolio of past projects enables us to offer live-tested insights and project specific solutions to meet your needs. Dropping your coin on the best commercial laundry gear isn’t just about keeping things spick and span; it's about running a tight ship, playing by the book and looking after your crew. F.L. Costello & Co. aren’t just offering laundry solutions; we offer you peace of mind. After all.. we are an Australian Family-Owned company.

Without any doubt if you want to purchase their quality products with fantastic after sales service, this company is it. They are really customer focused, and even their employees are extremely happy. I could not imagine they would have an unhappy customer. Good on you F.L. Costello.If I could give a 10 star review I would.

SUPERB..............AGAIN!!. Just wanted to thank Bev and Chris (the technician) who have looked after our AWNA62. Just a perished exit hose (after several years) and the workmanship was thorough, on time, gentle, respectful and extremely cost-efficient. Not ONE PART of your organisation can be faulted in any way. Thank you all and a very Happy, Safe and Successful 2019.


Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value, Excellent service and great communication from support.


F.L.Costello & Co proudly represents Speed Queen & UniMac commercial laundry equipment within New South Wales, Western Australia, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, Northern Territory and home retail in Queensland. The Speed Queen and UniMac brands have a reputation for the highest of quality, reliability, durability and efficiency. The machines are manufactured in the United States by Alliance Laundry Equipment and are built to a proven robust design, with a performance-based construction. All of our machines are built to comply with Australian conditions and regulations.

Australian Speed Queen Distributor

Speed Queen has been the trusted name in washing machines since 1908. They are the largest commercial laundry equipment provider and take pride in manufacturing tough, reliable, long-lasting washers and dryers. Speed Queen has always taken the lead in innovating new features to deliver the best possible care for fabric. Their commercial laundry equipment has come to symbolise quality in the marketplace and has set the standard for durability in laundry equipment world wide. Speed Queen provides American-built machines that deliver top-of-the-line performance.

Australian UniMac Distributor

UniMac has over 50 years experience in the commercial laundry equipment business and offers a full line of heavy duty industrial laundry equipment including commercial washers and tumble dryers. UniMac equipment is designed to withstand the test of time and to continuously achieve high levels of efficiency, quality and durability during its lifetime.

Australian Alliance Laundry Systems Distributor

Alliance Laundry Systems is a global leader in manufacturing premium quality commercial laundry equipment including the Speed Queen and UniMac brands supplied by F.L.Costello & Co. Alliance Laundry Systems has a corporate focus of putting the customer first. This drives their commercial quality product development strategy, marketing programs and technical support. Alliance Laundry Systems are dedicated to providing the most efficient, high quality solution.

Australian Family
Owned & Operated

We proud to be an Australian family owned & operated company since 1955.

Superior Quality

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Speed Queen & Unimac are well-known for their durability, with a proven track record in commercial settings and include a factory-backed warranty for extra peace of mind.

Genuine Parts

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We take pride in offering a wide array of authentic spare parts for current and past models. As a major spare parts hub in Australasia, we guarantee convenient access to the components you require.

Fast Turnaround

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Our warehouses in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, and Adelaide are strategically positioned for efficient service. With ample stock, expect swift equipment availability and prompt dispatch, minimising order delays.


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We offer Sales, Service, and Technical Advice with a dedicated team ready to assist you. Regardless of your location, our expansive network of national service agents guarantees the assistance you need.

One company, One control and One report helping to maximise the profitability and efficiency in your business. We have over one acre of a warehouse space full of machines stacked four high and across four states with equipment, spares and service locally in each branch


All our planning for your laundry space is absolutely free. Whether you're confident or uncertain about your commercial laundry equipment requirements, give us a call. 

Australian Commercial Quality Laundry Equipment Distributor

Unmatched Expertise in Designing & Equipping Commercial Laundries for Maximum Efficiency & Excellence

We understand the significance of creating a well-planned and efficiently functioning laundry facility that will drive the success of your business. Commercial Laundry equipment is what we do, ensuring that we know our machines inside out, and we are passionate about sharing this knowledge with you.  When you partner with us, you'll experience a profound commitment to excellence as we work diligently to address all aspects of your laundry business needs. From the initial planning stage to the final execution, we are dedicated to ensuring that every detail is covered. If you are looking for a single machine to make the pain go away or multiple units for a mine camp we can assist.  Our team of trained professionals is eager to team up with you, helping you navigate through the equipment selection process and design a laundry space that meets your specific requirements. Whether it's the layout of the back-of-house operations or creating inviting front-end client servicing areas, we take the time to understand your vision and translate it into a practical and efficient reality. Coin, card, token operated, heavy commercial laundry equipment, we do it all.  With our comprehensive expertise in laundry design, equipment specification, utilities requirements, ducting solutions and work-flow optimisation, we'll be your trusted partner in making your laundry business run smoothly and effectively. Moreover, our attention extends even to the flooring specifications for commercial laundries, as we believe that every detail contributes to the overall success and seamless operation of your laundry facility.

We provide an extensive choice of premium quality commercial laundry equipment for all needs and industries. Rest assured our commitment to exceptional customer support means we stand by your investment with market leading parts and sales assistance. 


Our dedicated factory-trained technicians are focused on delivering prompt and efficient service ensuring your satisfaction. With over 60 years of specialised 'Speed Queen' experience, our team has been setting industry benchmarks since 1955. 

FL Costello & Co is a reliable, customer-centric laundry solution. 

Your Trusted Source for Premium Commercial Laundry Equipment and Exceptional Support

Premium Commercial Laundry Equipment Distributor in Australia
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