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Industrial-quality Commercial Laundry Equipment Distributor in Australia

Industrial-quality commercial laundry equipment to suit the needs of businesses of any type or size

Commercial Laundry Equipment 


Architecs & Designers Logo

The Architects & Designers industry in Australia encompasses a wide and varied range of sectors that are integral to both the aesthetic and functional aspects of buildings and structures. Within this dynamic field, there is a growing need for commercial laundry solutions, such as those provided by Speed Queen, a leader in commercial laundry equipment. Speed Queen provides solutions to: 1. Residential Architecture: Designing homes that may require communal or in-house laundry facilities. 2. Commercial Architecture: Incorporating laundry needs in hotels, resorts, and other commercial structures. 3. Interior Design: Designing functional and aesthetically pleasing laundry spaces within various settings. 4. Urban Design & Planning: Planning laundry amenities within city infrastructure. 5. Sustainable Design: Creating energy-efficient laundry solutions. 6. Industrial Design: Tailoring commercial laundry facilities to suit industrial needs. Within these sectors, there are unique requirements and considerations for laundry solutions that must meet high standards of efficiency, reliability, and performance. Speed Queen's commercial laundry equipment offers: • Durability: Engineered for performance and designed to last, making it a perfect choice for various architectural projects. • Efficiency: High-efficiency machines that reduce water and energy usage, aligning with sustainable design principles. • Innovation: State-of-the-art technology that can be seamlessly integrated into modern architectural designs. • Custom Solutions: Tailored options to fit the specific needs and demands of each sector within the Architects & Designers industry. The Architects & Designers industry in Australia presents a complex and diversified market that requires advanced and reliable commercial laundry solutions. Speed Queen's commercial laundry equipment offers the quality, efficiency, and innovative features necessary to meet the needs of this dynamic industry. From residential homes to commercial buildings and sustainable designs, Speed Queen stands as a trusted partner in crafting spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Beauty & Wellness Logo

Top-tier commercial laundry equipment from F.L Costello & Co. From hair to skin, fitness, nutrition, we serve salons, spas, gyms, and wellness centres. Elevate beauty and health with commercial clean & hygienic laundry – starts with us. The Beauty & Wellness industry in Australia is a vibrant and growing sector that focuses on personal care, relaxation, and enhancement of physical appearance. Within this diverse industry, the need for reliable and efficient commercial laundry solutions cannot be overlooked. Speed Queen from F.L Costello & Co, a recognised name in commercial laundry equipment, caters to these specific demands with a range of high-quality products. Speed Queen provides solutions to: 1. Spas & Salons: Offering treatments that require fresh and hygienic linens. 2. Fitness Centres & Gyms: Providing clean towels and athletic wear for members. 3. Wellness Retreats: Ensuring a luxurious experience with pristine bedding and robes. 4. Health Clinics: Including massage, chiropractic, and physiotherapy centres that need regular laundering of therapy linens. 5. Beauty Schools: Educating students whilst maintaining hygiene and cleanliness of towels and aprons. 6. Holistic Health Practices: Including yoga studios, and meditation centres that use towels, mats, and other washable accessories. Within these sectors, cleanliness and hygiene are paramount, and Speed Queen's commercial laundry equipment offers: • Quality Performance: Ensuring that towels, linens, and garments are cleaned to perfection. • Robust Durability: Designed to handle high volumes of laundry without compromising on performance. • Efficiency and Sustainability: Eco-friendly machines that conserve water and energy. • User-friendly Design: Easily operable machines that seamlessly fit into various beauty and wellness settings. • Tailored Solutions: Customised options to meet the unique needs of each sector within the Beauty & Wellness industry. The Beauty & Wellness industry requires a consistent supply of fresh, clean, and hygienic linens to enhance customer experience and uphold the industry standards. Speed Queen's commercial laundry equipment is designed to meet these demands, offering innovative and reliable solutions for various sectors within the industry. From spas to fitness centres, wellness retreats to holistic practices, Speed Queen stands ready to serve the specific laundry needs of the Beauty & Wellness industry in Australia.


Food & Beverage Logo

Fuelling the Food & Beverage sector, from farms to feasts. We are the trusted commercial laundry provider for catering, food processing, dining, bars and beverage establishments. Providing hygiene and clean professionalism, one wash at a time. In the bustling Food & Beverage industry across Australia, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is paramount. From crisp table linens to spotless kitchen apparel, commercial laundry equipment plays a vital role. Speed Queen, renowned for its commercial laundry equipment, offers a line of products specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of this industry. Speed Queen provides solutions to: 1. Restaurants & Cafés: Where impeccable tablecloths, napkins, and staff uniforms are a must. 2. Hotels & Resorts: Providing dining experiences that require an endless supply of clean linens. 3. Catering Services: Ensuring a flawless presentation at various events and functions. 4. Food Processing Facilities: Where hygiene is essential, including laundry solutions for protective clothing. 5. Bars & Nightclubs: Necessitating a regular supply of fresh towels and cleaning cloths. 6. Breweries & Wineries: Requiring specialised cleaning solutions for tasting rooms and tour facilities. 7. Institutional Cafeterias: Such as schools, hospitals, and corporate settings that require daily laundering of uniforms and linens. Speed Queen's commercial laundry equipment is designed to cater to the distinct needs of the Food & Beverage industry, offering: • Reliability: Robust machines that can handle the demanding daily laundry requirements. • Quality Assurance: Ensuring that all linens and garments are cleaned to the highest standards of hygiene. • Efficiency: Machines designed to conserve both water and energy without compromising performance. • Versatility: Offering tailored solutions for various sectors within the Food & Beverage industry. • Innovation: Incorporating the latest technology for a seamless laundry experience. The Food & Beverage industry's reputation largely relies on maintaining a polished appearance and adhering to strict hygiene standards. Speed Queen's commercial laundry equipment ensures that businesses across this industry can uphold these values with confidence. From fine dining establishments to bustling cafés, catering services to wineries, Speed Queen's commitment to quality and performance stands as a testament to its leadership in commercial laundry solutions.


Government & Education Logo

For more than a century, Speed Queen powered by F.L. Costello & Co has backed government agencies, military, correctional facilities, local councils, schools, and universities with durable, reliable, and dependable commercial laundry equipment. We help put boots on the ground, with fluffy impeccably clean socks. The Government & Education sectors in Australia encompass a broad range of institutions that require efficient and reliable commercial laundry solutions. From schools to government facilities, maintaining hygiene and appearance is essential. Speed Queen, a leading name in commercial laundry equipment, offers specialised products tailored to the needs of these sectors. Speed Queen provides solutions to: 1. Public Schools & Universities: Where uniforms, athletic wear, and laboratory garments require regular laundering. 2. Government Offices & Buildings: Including laundry solutions for uniforms, flags, and ceremonial fabrics. 3. Military & Defence: Providing reliable laundry solutions for uniforms, bedding, and other essential textiles. 4. Health & Human Services: Requiring hygiene-focused laundry solutions for hospitals, clinics, and welfare institutions. 5. Correctional Facilities: Where high-volume, heavy-duty laundry equipment is essential. 6. Local Council Amenities: Such as community centres, recreation centres, and public pools that require towel and linen cleaning. Speed Queen's commercial laundry equipment is designed to handle the unique demands of the Government & Education sectors, offering: • High Performance: Machines that are capable of handling large volumes and diverse fabric types. • Reliability: Robust equipment that withstands rigorous daily usage. • Efficiency: Promoting environmental responsibility through the use of energy-efficient and water-saving technologies. • Compliance: Meeting the stringent regulations and standards of government and educational institutions. • Custom Solutions: Tailored options to fit the specific needs of different sectors within the industry. The Government & Education industry has a diverse and unique set of requirements when it comes to commercial laundry solutions. Speed Queen's commitment to quality, innovation, and customisation makes it an ideal partner for institutions striving to maintain hygiene, cleanliness and appearance. From educational campuses to military bases, correctional facilities to public museums, Speed Queen's commercial laundry equipment ensures that these essential sectors are supported with the best in laundry technology.


Healthcare Logo

Essential for Healthcare Hygiene & Cleanliness! From hospitals to aged care & medical centres, we are the experts ensuring top-quality hygiene standards and seamless workflow via our laundry planning & commercial laundry equipment supply. Your scrubs have never felt so fresh! The Healthcare industry in Australia demands the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. These stringent requirements extend to the laundering of medical garments, bed linens, towels, and other textiles. Speed Queen, a globally renowned commercial laundry equipment provider, offers tailored solutions to meet the specific demands of the Healthcare industry. Speed Queen provides solutions to: 1. Hospitals & Medical Centres: Requiring continuous laundering of bed linens, uniforms, surgical garments, and more. 2. Aged Care Facilities: Providing comfort and hygiene with fresh bedding, towels, and resident clothing. 3. Dental Clinics: Needing regular laundering of uniforms, patient aprons, and other protective clothing. 4. Rehabilitation Centres: Where therapy linens and patient garments must be cleaned to perfection. 5. Veterinary Clinics: Including pet bedding, staff uniforms, and surgical textiles. 6. Specialised Medical Facilities: Such as oncology, paediatric, and psychiatric centres, each with unique laundry needs. 7. Home Healthcare Services: Offering support to in-home patients, requiring careful handling of personal laundry. Speed Queen's commercial laundry equipment is designed to meet the critical requirements of the Healthcare industry, offering: • Hygienic Excellence: Ensuring the elimination of bacteria and viruses, adhering to strict infection control standards. • High Capacity & Efficiency: Capable of handling the large volumes of laundry generated by healthcare institutions. • Reliability & Durability: Built to last, these machines can withstand the demanding environment of healthcare facilities. • Environmental Stewardship: Incorporating water-saving and energy-efficient technologies. • Custom Solutions: Tailored options to meet the specific needs and compliance requirements of various healthcare sectors. The Healthcare industry's need for impeccable hygiene and cleanliness makes the choice of commercial laundry equipment a vital decision. Speed Queen’s commitment to quality, innovation, and adaptability makes it an ideal partner for healthcare institutions across Australia. From large hospitals to specialised medical facilities, dental clinics to aged care homes, Speed Queen's commercial laundry equipment is engineered to deliver the precision and reliability that the Healthcare industry demands.


Laundrettes/ Laundromats Logo

We offer streamlined laundromat design, equipment tailored to your needs, marketing support, and all the essentials to build your lucrative passive income empire. Yes, you heard it right – we're the masters of literally turning laundry into a money-making machine while serving your local community. The Laundrettes / Laundromats industry in Australia plays a vital role in providing accessible and efficient laundry services to communities. Whether it's for personal, family, or small business use, these establishments require commercial laundry equipment that is robust, reliable, and user-friendly. Speed Queen, a leader in commercial laundry solutions, offers a suite of products designed to meet the unique demands of the Laundrettes / Laundromats industry. Speed Queen provides solutions to: 1. Self-Service Laundromats: Where customers operate the machines themselves, often requiring ease of use and durability. 2. Full-Service Laundrettes: Offering wash, dry, and fold services, necessitating efficient and high-quality equipment. 3. Specialised Cleaning Services: Such as dry cleaning, stain removal, and garment restoration. 4. Mobile Laundry Services: Providing laundry solutions on the go for events, remote locations, or particular communities. 5. Commercial Clients Services: Catering to small businesses, gyms, salons, etc., that require regular laundry assistance. 6. Eco-Friendly Laundromats: Emphasising sustainability through energy-efficient machines and practices. 7. 24/7 Laundromats: Operating around the clock, demanding high reliability and low maintenance equipment. Speed Queen's commercial laundry equipment is expertly crafted to serve the Laundrettes / Laundromats industry, providing: • Durability & Performance: Machines built to withstand constant use while delivering consistent cleaning results. • User-Friendliness: Easy-to-operate interfaces that cater to a diverse customer base. • Energy Efficiency: Models that save on water and electricity, aligning with sustainable business practices. • Customisation: Solutions that can be tailored to fit the varying needs of different laundrette models and clientele. • Trusted Service & Support: Reliable after-sales support and servicing to ensure uninterrupted business operations. The Laundrettes / Laundromats industry is a dynamic and essential part of the urban and suburban landscape, offering invaluable services to individuals and small businesses alike. Speed Queen's commitment to quality, innovation, and customer focus makes it a preferred choice for laundrette owners across Australia. From traditional self-service laundromats to specialised cleaning services to mobile solutions, Speed Queen's commercial laundry equipment provides the versatility and reliability that this industry demands.


Niche & Specialised Logo

We've got laundry machines in all sizes and configurations to fit your business needs, from small coin-operated ones to big, heavy-duty beasts. Whatever kind of laundry you do, we've got you covered! Niche & Specialised industry encompasses a broad and diverse range of sectors that have unique laundry needs. These specialised markets often require customised commercial laundry equipment that can cater to specific demands, regulatory requirements, and customer expectations. Speed Queen, the leading brand in commercial laundry equipment, provides innovative and adaptable solutions for the various specialised requirements of these customers in Australia. Speed Queen provides solutions to: 1. Equine Facilities: For cleaning blankets, towels, and other animal care textiles. 2. Automotive Garages & Workshops: Dealing with grease-stained uniforms and rags. 3. Marine & Naval Operations: Including uniforms, linens, and fabrics exposed to saltwater and marine conditions. 4. Pharmaceutical Facilities: Demanding precise and sterile cleaning solutions for lab coats, uniforms, specialised garments, and textiles used in research, development, and the manufacturing process. 5. Religious & Cultural Organisations: Such as churches, mosques, and temples, for ceremonial garment care. 6. Disaster Relief & Humanitarian Services: Offering portable and robust laundry solutions for emergency situations. 7. Research & Laboratory Settings: Necessitating specialised cleaning for lab coats, protective gear, and delicate instruments. Speed Queen’s commercial laundry equipment is meticulously designed to suit the Niche & Specialised industry's varied requirements: • Versatility & Customisation: Offering tailored solutions for unique needs across various sectors. • Quality & Performance: Ensuring consistent cleaning, stain removal, and sanitisation. • Durability & Longevity: Built to last in diverse and often demanding environments. • Ease of Use & Maintenance: Intuitive controls and reliable support for various users and applications. • Sustainability: Energy and water-efficient options that align with responsible business practices. The Niche & Specialised industry in Australia is marked by its diversity, innovation, and particular requirements. Speed Queen recognises these unique needs and provides commercial laundry equipment that can be tailored to fit the individual demands of each sector. From equine care and automotive workshops to marine operations, correctional facilities, and beyond, Speed Queen stands as a trusted partner in delivering quality, reliability, and customisation.


Home Retail Logo

Supercharge your home laundry experience with Commercial-Grade Speed Queen Laundry equipment. We offer a full range of durable, reliable washing machines and dryers for your home. This range comes with a 5 year parts and labour warranty* for additional peace of mind. "They don't make them like they used to".. We do, not much has changed in our strong reliable home range. If you have owned a Kleenmaid washer (made by Speed Queen), you will understand the quality of these machines. The Home Retail industry is a growing sector in Australia, emphasising the need for robust, efficient, and quality driven laundry equipment that offers commercial-grade solutions for domestic use. Speed Queen, renowned for its commercial laundry equipment, delivers these exact needs by adapting its industry-leading technology for home environments. The equipment provides households with a laundry experience that matches professional quality. Speed Queen provides solutions to: 1. Urban & Suburban Residences: Families requiring high-capacity, efficient, and durable laundry solutions. 2. Luxury Apartments & units: Homes that seek top-tier, sophisticated, and aesthetically pleasing laundry appliances. 3. Holiday Homes: Locations needing reliable and easy-to-use laundry facilities. 4. Rural & Remote Residences: Dwellings in areas where robust and dependable laundry solutions are essential. 5. Environmentally Conscious Homes: Households emphasising sustainability and seeking energy-efficient laundry equipment. Speed Queen’s commercial laundry solutions bring commercial quality to the domestic market in the Home Retail industry: • Professional Quality: Offering the same performance and robustness as commercial-grade machines used in laundromats. • Durability & Longevity: Built to last, with quality materials and expert engineering that withstand daily use. • Efficiency & Sustainability: Water and energy-efficient models that align with modern, eco-friendly home practices. • Ease of Use & Aesthetics: Intuitive controls and sleek designs that fit seamlessly into domestic interiors. • Comprehensive Service & Support: Full service and warranty offerings to provide peace of mind for homeowners. The Home Retail industry in Australia recognises the value of commercial-grade laundry solutions that bring professional quality into the domestic setting. Speed Queen’s commercial laundry equipment meets this demand, providing the reliability, efficiency, and quality that homeowners seek. From city homes to luxury apartments, holiday homes and large family run farms Speed Queen’s commercial laundry equipment stand as a preferred choice for those who desire the best in home laundry care.


Mining Logo

To get the job done, clean gear and uniforms are a must, especially when you're on-site far away. F.L Costello & Co provides this commercial laundry solution - robust, tough, compact gear for all mine camp requirements. The Australian Mining industry, with its rigorous and demanding environments, requires commercial laundry equipment that can handle the unique challenges associated with cleaning heavy-duty workwear, protective gear, and other related textiles. Speed Queen, renowned for its robust and reliable commercial laundry equipment, provides tailored solutions that cater to the various needs of the Mining industry. Speed Queen provides solutions to: 1. Coal Mining: Where durable laundry solutions are needed for the removal of stubborn coal dust and residues. 2. Metal Ore Mining: Including the handling of workwear contaminated with various metallic substances. 3. Oil & Gas Extraction: Requiring specialised cleaning for uniforms exposed to oils, chemicals, and hydraulic fluids. 4. Non-Metallic Mineral Mining & Quarrying: For garments soiled with clays, silicates, and other non-metallic minerals. 5. Exploration & Drilling: Dealing with the challenges of laundering field gear and protective clothing. 6. Mining Support Services: Including contractors and on-site services that need uniform and equipment cleaning. 7. Remote Mining Camps: Providing comprehensive laundry solutions for workers' personal clothing and bedding. Speed Queen's commercial laundry equipment is engineered to meet the particular requirements of the Mining industry: • Tough & Reliable: Built to withstand the wear and tear associated with mining operations. • Specialised Cleaning Cycles: Capable of removing heavy stains, oils, and industrial residues. • High-Capacity Machines: Designed to handle large volumes of laundry typical in mining facilities. • Energy & Water Efficiency: Incorporating sustainable technologies that align with environmental responsibilities. • Customised Solutions: Tailored options to fit the specific needs of various mining sectors. In the Mining industry, where safety, compliance, and operational efficiency are paramount, having dependable commercial laundry equipment is essential. Speed Queen's range of laundry solutions is crafted to endure the demanding conditions of mining operations across Australia. From coal and metal ore mining to exploration, drilling, and remote camp facilities, Speed Queen offers the performance, durability, and innovation required to meet the diverse needs of the Mining industry.


Student Accomodation - PBSA Logo

We provide reliable laundry equipment for student accommodation, offering everything from simple coin/card operated machines to heavy-duty back-of-house gear. Service and preventative maintenance plans can also be part of the mix. Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) is an integral part of the education landscape in Australia, providing homes for students who need a convenient and comfortable living environment. With a consistent need for laundry services, the Student Accommodation – PBSA industry requires commercial laundry equipment that's not only reliable but also easy to use and maintain. Speed Queen offers an array of commercial laundry solutions tailored to the unique needs of this industry. Speed Queen provides solutions to: 1. On-Campus Accommodation: Including university and college residences that need large-scale laundry facilities. 2. Off-Campus Accommodation: Private providers offering student housing with communal laundry rooms. 3. Short-Term Student Housing: Accommodations catering to exchange or temporary students with flexible laundry solutions. 4. Luxury Student Apartments: Premium facilities that require top-tier commercial laundry equipment. 5. Shared Student Accommodations: Houses or apartments with shared laundry facilities for multiple occupants. 6. International Student Housing: Providing specialised accommodation to suit the needs of overseas students. Speed Queen's commercial laundry solutions are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the Student Speed Queen s commercial laundry solutions are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the Student Accommodation – PBSA industry: • Robust Performance: Machines built to handle constant use, with consistent and efficient cleaning results. • User-Friendly Operation: Easy-to-use interfaces that cater to students with varied laundry experience. • Flexible Solutions: A range of machines to suit different housing configurations and student needs. • Energy and Water Efficiency: Environmentally friendly models that help manage utility costs. • Reliable Support and Maintenance: Ongoing service and support to ensure smooth operations and minimise downtime. The Student Accommodation – PBSA industry offers varied living environments for students across Australia, each with specific laundry requirements. Speed Queen's commercial laundry equipment is adeptly suited to this diverse and demanding industry, offering solutions that align with the needs of both students and accommodation providers. From on-campus residences to luxury student apartments and shared housing, Speed Queen provides quality, convenience, and sustainability, making it a trusted choice for student accommodation providers nationwide.


Veterinary Logo

Speed Queen by F.L. Costello & Co aids Veterinary laundry Hygiene! We equip small/large animal practices, clinics, hospitals, and rehab centres with the correctly industry specified robust laundry gear. The right Cleanliness for healthier animals, safeguarding your staff and team at the same time. perrrr-fect In the Veterinary industry, hygiene and sanitation are paramount to ensure the well-being of both animals and veterinary professionals. Managing an assortment of textiles, from surgical scrubs and bedding to towels and other cleaning materials, necessitates efficient, reliable, and specialised commercial laundry solutions. Speed Queen, a leader in commercial laundry equipment, offers tailored solutions that meet the unique requirements of the various sectors within the Australian Veterinary industry. Speed Queen provides solutions to: 1. Small Animal Practices: Catering to pets such as dogs, cats, and birds, and needing consistent cleaning of bedding, towels, and staff uniforms. 2. Large Animal Practices: Working with livestock, horses, and farm animals, requiring durable laundry solutions for heavy-duty fabrics. 3. Specialist Veterinary Clinics: Such as surgical, dental, or emergency care centres, necessitating strict hygiene protocols. 4. Animal Hospitals & Emergency Centres: Providing round-the-clock care and requiring constant laundry services. 5. Wildlife Care & Rehabilitation: Demanding specialised cleaning for diverse animal species and their unique requirements. 6. Mobile Veterinary Services: Compact and efficient laundry solutions to accommodate on-the-road veterinary care. 7. Educational & Research Institutions: Managing uniforms, laboratory coats, and other textiles in teaching and research environments. Speed Queen's commercial laundry equipment is designed to suit the varied needs of the Veterinary industry: • Efficient Cleaning & Sanitisation: Machines that provide thorough cleaning and can operate at high temperatures for proper sanitisation. • Durability & Robustness: Built to handle the daily demands of veterinary practices, from small clinics to large animal hospitals. • User-Friendly & Versatile: Adaptable to the diverse cleaning needs of different animal care settings. • Sustainability: Energy-efficient options that support responsible veterinary practice management. • Service & Support: Offering ongoing maintenance and support to ensure uninterrupted operations. The Veterinary industry in Australia presents unique challenges when it comes to laundry management. From the care of domestic pets to large farm animals, wildlife, and specialist veterinary services, the need for effective, reliable, and adaptable commercial laundry solutions is constant. Speed Queen, with its range of commercial laundry equipment, stands as a committed partner to veterinary professionals, providing the quality, efficiency, and innovation required to maintain hygiene and safety across all sectors of animal care.

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