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Create a hassle-free source of passive income with your own laundromat business

  • Effortless Setup & Planning: Get expert guidance on site selection and easy setup.

  • Remote Management: Manage your business from anywhere via mobile or desktop.

  • Premium Equipment: Equip your laundromat with top-quality machines.

  • Payment Options: Provide convenient payment choices for customers.

  • Loyalty Programs: Retain customers with loyalty offerings.

  • Continuous Support: Rely on our ongoing assistance.

  • Tap into our laundromat professionals' expertise from the start. We offer complimentary design services, including layout, compliance, machine specs, and cost assessment. Plus, get marketing insights for a reliable passive income stream.

  • Choose Speed Queen equipment for unmatched performance and reliability, with the option to integrate Quantum Touch controls for a modern touch.

Laundromats Laundry Equipment Supplier in Australia
Speed Queen | Premium Laundromats in Australia

A game-changer for laundromat owners seeking enhanced efficiency and profitability.

Irrespective of whether you operate a single store or a network of 50, Speed Queen Insights empowers you with comprehensive business management capabilities, enabling you to both attract and retain a larger customer base. 

Experience the freedom to monitor and manage every facet of your laundromat, regardless of your location. Our cloud-based application, Insights, serves as your window into your business from anywhere in the world— accessible right from your smartphone. 

Speed Queen Insights

Business Made Effortless

Speed Queen® Insights opens up new worlds of efficiency and profitability for laundromat owners. Whether you have one store or fifty, Speed Queen Insights connects you to every aspect of your business and gives you the tools to attract and retain more customers.

Laundromats Laundry Equipment Distributor and Expert in Australia

Simplicity in Management 

Remote management is at your fingertips. Our cashless payment system eradicates the necessity of frequent on site visits. Automated timed doors, video security setups, and the ability to control machines remotely contribute to a nearly autonomous operation of your self-service laundromat. 

For Speed Queen laundromat owners, this equates to genuine passive income. You can earn while travelling, white water rafting in Cairns, surfing in Rottnest Island or spending quality time with your family at the ski resort in Thredbo. 

Speed Queen Insights lets your customers pay with the one thing they never leave home without—their smartphone—and it lets you run all of your laundromats from anywhere using a simple, intuitive website. With one partner and unmatched support, you get all the tools you need to make better business decisions.

Running your business has never been simpler.

Easily track and optimize financial and operational performance.

Simple interface

All upgrades will be based on Speed Queen Insights platform.

Future-proof foundation

Control your laundromats from anywhere.


Single-source data and analytics for all machines & laundromats.

Business Integration

Speed Queen Laundry Business Data Insights

Factory-supported, with little to no downtime and no software to maintain.

Fast, Easy Installation

Support from the world leader in vended laundry solutions.

Peace of Mind

Start your journey with a call to one of our team on 1300 927 437 or send us an enquiry and we will get in contact with you.

Laundromats Laundry Equipment Distributor in Australia

Own Your Own Laundromat

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