About Speed Queen, UniMac & Alliance Laundry Systems

F.L.Costello & Co. proudly represents Speed Queen and UniMac commercial laundry equipment within New South Wales, Western Australia and the Australian Capital Territory. The Speed Queen and UniMac brands have a reputation for the highest of quality, reliability, durability and efficiency. The machines are manufactured in the United States by Alliance Laundry Equipment and are built to a proven robust design, with a performance-based construction. All of our machines are built to comply with Australian conditions and regulations.

To truly appreciate the quality of our products, we are pleased to provide a brief outline of our leading laundry equipment brands.

Speed Queen

Speed Queen has been the trusted name in washing machines since 1908. They are the largest commercial laundry equipment provider and take pride
in manufacturing tough, reliable, long-lasting washers and dryers. Speed Queen has always taken the lead in innovating new features to deliver the best
possible care for fabric. Their commercial laundry equipment has come to symbolize quality in the marketplace and has set the standard for durability
in laundry equipment world wide.

Speed Queen provides American-built machines that deliver top-of-the-line performance.

For more information about Speed Queen, please visit www.speedqueen.com.


UniMac has over 50 years experience in the commercial laundry equipment business, and offers a full line of heavy duty industrial laundry equipment, including commercial washers and tumble driers. UniMac equipment is designed to withstand the test of time, and to continuously achieve high levels of efficiency, quality and durability during its lifetime.

For more information about UniMac, please visit www.unimac.com.

Alliance Laundry Systems

Alliance Laundry Systems is a global leader in manufacturing premium quality commercial laundry equipment including the Speed Queen and UniMac
brands supplied by F.L.Costello & Co.

Alliance Laundry Systems has a corporate focus of putting the customer first. This drives their commercial quality product development strategy,
marketing programs, and technical support. Alliance Laundry Systems are dedicated to providing the most efficient, high quality solution.

For more information about Alliance Laundry Systems, please visit www.comlaundry.com.